Raw milk!! harmful? c'mon

this article here is a really good read. and this article here

what i don't understand is how can the government regulate your personal choice? It doesn't make sense to me. Though the article does spell out that, AGAIN, big AG is at the core of it. The dairy industry is a 20 billion dollar a year industry. and if we all started buying fresh, hmmm, what would that do to them and being able to ship you milk to far away places. Well, it would make it nonexistent. Please read these articles. There is so much people just take for granted. There are people that drink raw milk and all of sudden their health improves drastically. Now why is that? This like ecsema, allergies, intestinal problems, just disappear.

And on another note, doesn't anyone care what happens to the cows? The goat industry is much smaller, but face the same issues. But those poor cows that just never live past 4, can't produce milk past 2 and for what? they live on concrete. They never get to EAT what they are supposed to eat to make healthy milk. They are fed antibiotics to help them combat illnesses, which would be nonexistent if they could be outside foraging on their own. And their bodies wouldn't collapse under them if they didn't get fed hormones to speed up the process.

Help save a cow! Drink raw milk!

Why in the world do we allow this?

And one last little note to ponder:


no, i didn't write that. Aristotle did!

raw milk site.

here is a site to help you find raw milk in your state.

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