A year in the life.

I just reconnected with relatives on my fathers side. cousins i haven't seen since i was 10? or 11? 32 years ago? If we bumped into each other on the street would we even recognize each other... LOL... SO i decided to go thru some old photos of the past five years and put up some of my favorites.

Cooper. And Tony's motorcycle in the living room.

Gina and ? with iggy my piggy. He's double that size now.

mom at tony's 40th.

My humble abode. A whole acre + a third.
seemed like alot when moving from Miami.
but need more!!!!

My favorite!!!! baby kids. This one is aday old.

The little barn. but mine all mine.

paula and jude.
Jude is my old grade school and high
school volleyball coach.

Breeze!!! She was the best dog in the universe.
She got to romp around the property for a couple months before
she died. 18 years old. I miss her every day.

Cooper giving kiwi a bath. And it was kiwi's first time too!

Tony! reminds me of davey jones.
ha. but still cute at 40.

Kelly (tony's G friend) holding abby, vinces
christmas present.

sparkle #2--my sister who is very spoiled.
and who comes to visit rarely, because mom doesn't
like her to get dirty.

aunt jean and cookie lounging at the barn

mom and gina. with brandy. The best horse ever!!!

crazy girl.

my favorite shot. a redneck in training

me trying to be Ms. doolittle

four friends from highschool i keep in touch with.

Rodney my shadow. my neighbor.

friends at coco's wedding. bahamas.

gina. maria. jean. 3 generations

I hate my photos

camping in the everglades. canoed to rabbit key.
6 days of not showering. but
we still had enough space to bring some wine.

gina and boyfriend du jour

john (Tinsley coworker) dressed up as me for halloween.
I think i'm flattered....joke was i always wore the same thing
everyday. shorts, flipflops and a t shirt... still do!
while john was a brooks brothers man.
and we fought like brother and sister.

Vince. cookie. Calla. never understood why
she always wants to straighten those curls.

Gina. Maria. always in black.
such new yorkers.

the whole fam damily.

aunt jean. Jordan a friend from High school.

Mom. Paula. Louise.
3 peas in a pod.

Cooper the cutest kid ever!
calla and davids baby.

christmas at moms.

russ slaughter. Old boss. really liked him!

Me at work! BVI? editing a commercial.

coco. liz. tot. and me. happy hour as usual.

i loved that dam dog. pablo and mom.

oliver getting jealous.

David and cooper.

my crazy neighbor billy on his pride and joy
his airboat.

Patty, billys wife. good friend and neighbor.

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