my friend riki

The amazing thing about the internet is that you can meet people from all over the world. and when you meet someone in your own neighborhood that way, its almost kind of eerie...

Riki is the goat lady extraordinaire. and a good friend. She is like me and has too many animals to count. Even with a menagerie of my own i still love to go over there and play with hers. Riki is always coming to my aid. I'm such a panicky goat owner, and she is the voice of reason. and calmness. and just plain awesome. And her hubby Sheridan is pretty darn cool too! he builds things to perfection and has this quiet way about him that makes you wonder what the heck is he thinking... grin.

these photos were shot in january. And i must say even i was impressed with my camera.

This is honky... blind but happy.

Riki the pied goat piper.

This is splash. Oreo's papa.
The kindest buck i've ever enountered.
and i love his smell.

snowflake? she's a few days old.

Leaky is the coolest dog!!!! a briard.
He is the resident goat keeper.
and defender of the land.

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