samsons gone

I put samson to sleep this afternoon. It became and emergecy vet visit. On monday, he was fine. Sunday we even had a stroll thru the neighborhood. HE was eating and just lethargic. Tuesday he turned. Wednesday he wasn't eating at all. And by friday night he was just barely able to stand. Saturday morning i called the vet and asked for them to come. with the remover service.

He died at 3:30pm. Saturday April 14, 2007

On an up note i got an email from a friend offering me a baby 5 day old buckling.... Will keep you posted on this little new turn of events.

It did help me mourn samson. How sweet he was. Did i ever mention that he and i would raid the fridge together at night? i would go get him out of the stall and he just knew. he'd run to the porch door waiting for me to catch up. Then he would come in the kitchen and just wait. I would open the fridge door and he would eat strawberries, and melon, and cantalope and drink soda with me. He would not drink cow's milk... the sacralige of doing that.... :)

My joy boy... gone.!

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