The REAL Florida

The real Florida many who live here in the cities, know nothing about. I didn't, until recently. I grew up here and never thought outside that box. Until I got my horse. And we rode. and rode. And then all sorts of other things came to light. The everglades, and the natural wonder of the Real Florida. Not South Beach. Not Ft. Lauderdale night life. Not any of it. Just 20 minutes West of the beach is a whole other side of Florida. And its sad how many out there just don't know.

I stumbled on this webshot page, and I'm mesmerized. And a tad jealous. For the last 3 hours i have been viewing these wonderful photos, and i come to find out the gentleman is a judge, in West Palm Beach. Judge Bailey, and his moniker is "judgestoryteller" on webshots. Wow. WOW...

The photos i've been entranced with are from his albums on the COW HUNTERS. And he gives cute little descriptions on CUR dogs, and MARSH TACKIES... which are also called FLorida Cracker horses. And cracker is not a derogatory name. It comes from the whips, the old cow hunters used to use. They are A breed unto their own. And almost at extinction. The horse and the man. Truly a fascinating horse, and history. And please check out these photos. Its a part of FLorida I'm afraid might not last too much longer.

make sure you go to his album and see what youu are missing... Did i mention i was jealous? pea green.... I wonder if brandy and i still could do a full day of trail riding... hmmm...

Image hosted by Webshots.com
by judgestoryteller

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