personalized stamps

PRetty cool, huh? Stumbled on this from anothers blog. And started fooling around to see what the process is. Lately, I have ordered a few printed items off the net. And sometimes the printing is great. sometimes iffy. I produced my business cards from 48hourprint, not bad. Then went ahead to produce some letterhead, awful... I printed business card samples from Vistaprint for a client. I thought came out great. Client preferred the old fashioned way. And just the other day I received 500 brochures for the S. Florida Fair goat show. Not bad. Quality of photos were bad because they are low res snapshots, but overall, pretty good stuff.

SO, when i saw the zazzle.com site I had to give it a try. $17 bucks for 20 stamps. A bit pricey, but hey they are individulized...

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