much ado about nothin

I have nothing to report. Nothing to really write about. For once....

It's raining, thats a good thing. Wasting all that brine and well water to water my weeds. Oh well. My lawn mower is fixed. That is a good thing. I had one heck of a summer in repairs. I'm hating Sears at this point. They never even responded to my letter i wrote them. And it was a good one.

The well pump went and had to replace the timer mechanism. The pig opened the freezer door and i didn't notice it till the automatic defroster blew up, so that had to be replaced. The air conditioning unit is acting funny. The septic was drained, nothing wrong just felt i better do it before my luck ran out.

All my fans stopped working in odd ways, like the one in the living room only has one speed now where it used to have three. The rats ate the wiring in my washing machine stopping it from working. And i'm not sure about why the dryer stopped working but the belt needed replacing and the wiring went. Probably the rats again. UGH! There is plenty of bait in there now.

I've called Sears out 9 times this summer. And they never responded to my letter. I'm a little pissed. The lawnmower took 5 of those visits to fix. And i called it in July 2nd and it wasn't fixed till October 23 rd. Nice huh? And the kicker is i only called them out for a tune up the first visit. Service found it was running on one cylinder. Than he left the lights on, drained the battery. So we fixed that i asked him to replace my blades. I mowed and ran over a stump. I killed the maffle and the new blade on one of the turnstyles (whatever you call them) ... finally, the cylinder is fixed, new battery, blades are running and summer is over. Ha! No need to mow now till March probably.

Really, honestly, nothing to report. Oh, my house is turning green. Not sure why. And the shed. i tried to power wash it, but it just made the dirt come off the green so now its just greener.

I got to turn the air off for a whole 2 days last week, that was nice. Today its raining that is nice too!

Kiwi and brandy keep getting into the bryer patch and have burrs all in their manes, thats a nightly brush down. I have a new gator in the pond. UGH! and the racoons finally came to visit. I was wondering why i never see raccoons. And of course the dogs barked at it till 3 am...But i haven't seen him since. Does he KNOW my chicken laid eggs? Can he smell it?

OH!!! how could i forget this tidbit? My chicken laid her first egg. Ha! what a joy. Small though but still, i can say i made a healthy omelette now. It might take 5 eggs for 2 of a store bought but whoo cares. Actually, i don't think I can eat it. Her first? It's like a mother eating her child's first art project. I just want to frame it.

So like I said nothing is really going on.

Here are some photos that have no meaning whatsoever. I just took some random shots this week.


  1. The horse coming through the door is a hoot!
    Congratulations on your first egg.

  2. Thank you very much...sorry it took so long for me to comment.. I never expect them and rarely check...

    She's still setting on them.. I hope they hatch.. And i've fixed the screen door since. although cute to have her coming in, kinda dangerous she almost slipped the other night. So that's it for them coming in the house...



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