Mrs. Beebe

Say hello to Beebee... She is a BUG. A cross between a Pug and a Boston Terrier. What will they think of next. She is so ugly she is cute. And fitting in quite nicely here with all the other ani-mules.

My neighbor across the street has a penchant for little dogs. And they are always coming and going over there. Her littlest is tito a chiwowa. Yes, i know the spelling is wrong. Who came up with that name anyway. No one can spell it. She also has a great dane. Its very funny to watch them play. So beebee shows up one day. Her name was bella. Or maryjane. Or something ridiculous like that. I just watched her for a day and then the name beebee came to mind.

She is cute though. And is following in the footsteps of the other two. They are great surrogate mothers. They exhaust her most of the day. It keeps them in shape too! But when they run around the yard barking at strange things in the dark, she comes running to me. She ain't stupid!

She isn't bad either. Only one pair of flip flops were tossed. And it really wasn't her fault. Ole man got a hold of it too.

Since she is so little the bigger guys jump on the furniture when they've had enough of playing with her. She hasn't figured out how to jump up there yet.

I like her. So I think i'll keep her.

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