the introduction is complete

OK! now we're talking. All the animals all get along. No scratch that. not get along, but they all have met, and can come out together. The last of the bunch was trying to get KIWI and Brandy to be able to come out and play together. Finally, this weekend, after a couple glasses of wine i said what the heck... and put them together.

I made sure everyone was fed. It was late at night. Most animals are less apt to fight at night. They are in survival mode. I brought kiwi into brandy's pen put out two pads of hay, and then started putting the pads closer together. Brandy did charge kiwi a couple of times. But after that it was a piece of cake.

Kiwi might even be the leader. As she would walk around the yard, brandy would follow her. And by last night if Brandy couldn't see kiwi she started nickering and screaming and running around the yard looking for her. Kiwi was fine. And wanders off on her own like that.

I woke up to find brandy and kiwi both in the stall sleeping this morning together. And last night i took the pictures of them both lying on the ground taking their nap.

So, it's official. The goats can roam with the dogs, the pig and beebee are getting along, brandy and kiwi are pals. beebe has stopped chasing the chickens, and they all can come out and play together. I'm so relieved.

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