got a new alarm clock....

Yes, a handy dandy alarm clock. The old fashioned kind. no winding and no batteries. Runs on worms. This alarm clock went off promptly at 6:34 am....

The innuagural day of me getting up at the crack of dawn... A momentous occasion. Yes, a new leaf. Dawn of a new era. I'm going to wake up every morning at 6:34 am. Sounds wonderful. And you CAN'T hit the snooze button on this one.

I was there to witness the first ever crow in my yard. woohoo. Yes, I woke up and went into the garage where they (sam and now brewster)live at night. While turning on the light and opening the garage door, sammy jumped from her roost and ran outside for her morning meal. Brewster just sat in the garage and crowed... such a melody.

What will the neighbors think... WHO CARES!!!! i got a roo. The garage made the crowing echo, so i had to do something. quick... But can't function without my coffee, so back in the house, making sure to shut the door. It drowned it out a bit. made my coffee, did i mention it was 6:34 am...I haven't been up this early in decades...And on a sunday? i've lost it.

Anyway, back to my story.... he just wouldn't come out of his cage. So i went in and got him out. Placed him on the ground and he went running to the highest thing he could find.... The fence line. jumped up and started crowing. Every five minutes. At this point, I AM UP so we fed the critters. Sammy follows me everywhere, so i thought brewster would too. NOPE! Still crowing....

He crowed in the goat pen. Then he crowed in the stall. Then he crowed in the horse pen. And then into the shed. I think he was trying to figure out where his crow would be heard best. It all sounded the same to me. LOUD. and the best part? when he crowed he set off all the other roosters in the neighborhood. So they all started crowing. My neighbors must be loving me at this point. Since its now only 6:45am... i had my coffee. and this was fun....

I think his crow mechanism is broken... it sounds funny. So now i have a rooster that crows funny. Almost off key. Almost like a 14 year old when they get their "man" voice...Almost annoying, but not yet.

The sun was almost up at 6:34 am. not quite but just starting. And so was he. And he hasn't stopped. All day. LOL. What did i get myself into.


  1. He's a beauty. Their crowing never bothers me and you are right, they do sound like 14 year old's warbly half there voices.

  2. Thanks he is regal isn't he. I understand now all those flemish masters i studied and why they always had a rooster in their paintings... absolutely gorgeous.
    He crowed at 5:45 am this morning.. hmmm.

    He almost became dinner yesterday. my dog wasn't used to him yet. I shouldn't have let him out of the cage so soon, but that crowing in the garage was a nightmare...

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