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As i am writing this my chicken is safely back in the garage. She has the uncanny ability to know when she is being eyed for supper.... You'd think piggy to the rescue, right? wrong... piggy is sleeping under a tree. Left poor sammie to the wolves...

The minute she saw me she came running out from under the shed. Again.. Save me!!!!! Squawk!!!

We walked back into the garage, where she will probably remain for the rest of the day. Same scenario yesterday. And the day before. she's in the trenches now. She goes from cover to cover. Under the bird cage, under the generator to under the desk... She knows her forehead has a big X marks the spot on it.

Its an intimidating sight to behold this guy. This hawk has NO fear. I have seen him for three days. In the same group of trees. Waiting. For something. He keeps facing East, and i know there are some bunny nests. And a few field mice. I mowed inside the property line. But outside of it the grass has grown wild. Great place to hide if you were being stalked. I'm so glad we're at the top of the food chain. Can you imagine?

And the chicken is instinctively attuned to the goings on of this hawk.

I'm sure this is a baby hawk. And he is intent on getting what he wants. I just hope its not my chicken.

There is a great website called whatbird.com.

This site is helping me narrow it down to a few birds but, i can't say for sure. the coloring isn't exact. It could be sharp-shinned hawk, coopers hawk, or broadwinged hawk..but chances are its a red-shouldered... But there is no red on the shoulder. But very helpful and cool site.


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