Yes, i have turtles. Not sure why. But they are fun. But dirty. and a bit of work. I have given up on filters and filtration systems. They clog the water so badly that i find that its easy to just clean the whole tank once a week. Or if i get a bit lazy, every two weeks. I have the set up in the garage. 100gal. tank. and its near the window, so all i do is drain the tank out thru the window. Believe it or not but that nasty water makes the plants grow bigger. The ones directly under the window are thriving... Who'd of thought turtle droppings were a fertilizer... After my third filtration system purchase, i just gave up. It was more work to have a filter in there than the way it is now...

I have 4 turtles. 2 are definetely red eared sliders. The other two are variations of some sort. But i haven't done the research. and look how fast they grow. the small little guy shot was when i first bought them and the subsequent shots are them now. They really have tripled in size. Except for one of them. One seems to either not grow fast or maybe is another species. Two of them are really friendly and come to me when i stick my hand in there. The other two are shy, and still run from me. Unless i have food in my hand.

They also have 2 little areas to sunbathe but mostly the 100 gallon tank is filled with water. At one time i was thinking of add ing some plants and some more fish, but i haven't figured out how i would be cleaning them too. So, i've opted to just keep it this way for now.

Soon, they will go outside in a pond i want to create. Now that project is going to be a doozy. I know exactly where i want to put it. Under a palm tree, there is already a good depression there. Soon enough, i will start. But with all the other animals, who really knows....

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  1. This site is one of the best I have ever seen, wish I had one like this.


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