kiwi's here

Kiwi is here and what a cutie. The first few days she wanted to be with brandy. And it helped take her mind off being weaned abruptly like that. She just did what brandy did.

This is week #2 and she is starting to adventure off on her own. She is starting to lead line and is now halting and leading properly. They are such sponges at this age. She is starting to navigate the pens, the yard and today the house. She runs like a pro. Even watch her doing mini lead changes...so cute!!

At night i house her in the stall with Oreo in one half and samson and delilah in the other half. Piggy is now sleeping in the house, since they always step on him. Plus when he is down for the night he sleeps the whole night thru...while these guys are up and down all night long. I figured Oreo and Kiwi could be friends since they are the same age. Its starting to work but Kiwi would rather chase the bigger guys around in their pen. During the day she's with samson and delilah...

So, now she is here, and what a little joy. Today, as i ran to the house in search of conniving piggy, Kiwi came with me. I didn't know that she had followed me, right into the house. She has no fear. Came in and look around. We found piggy trying to steal some food, and we herded him out. Good day's work for a 4 month old...

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