ha... i got my first chick. not sure what to do with him. or her. But ain't she cute. I will call "it" SAM. or SAMANTHA. because we don't know what it is yet. and i think it will take a few more weeks till physical changes take place to see if its a rooster.. Which i hope it is. I would rather have this hand fed spoiled little chick be rooster and hoping he is a nice guy. Usually they are stinkers and not too friendly. But how could this one not be? its on my lap more than its in the brooder.

For the first 2 weeks Sam has been in the kitchen in a little seethru container. But i moved him to the garage when he started hopping out of it. Gave him a larger run on a folding table. He is off the ground, but in a cage now. And his little teddy bear is int there too.

Anyway, the main reason i moved him to the garage is my african grey Cyprus who talks up a storm, has decided to stop talking and start chirping. Like the chick. He figures when the chick chirps i come running so he's going to do it too. I know its all in good fun, and he won't chirp forever, but having a full grown parrot that used to say, "good morning, i love you" and " see ya later, going to the store?" now chirping like a chicken is a bit disconcerting. So out goes the chick. And hopefully i get my talker back. Soon...

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