plight of poor potbellies...

I can't believe that the zoning laws are so antiquated. Its ok to have a vicious pitbull, an exotic aviary of wild birds, a few poisonous snakes, but its not ok to have a lovable potbellied pig.

There is a lady in Hobe Sound, Florida who is trying to fight the antiquated zoning laws regarding her potbellied pigs. Pigs who she has had on the same property for 15 years. I just don't understand this. My iggy is the sweetest, most docile, lumbering soul who ever has roamed.

He is absolutely no trouble whatsoever. Unlike my dogs who have escaped at times. Or the goats who have gotten into the feed bins, or the birds who make an extraordinary mess. My pig is like a dream animal compared to their antics.

Here are two articles written in response to this zoning problem. And the email address for the Councilman who needs to get more letters before he will take this seriously.

Please send a kind and informative letter so that any and all piggys can stay in their loving homes.

I also wrote a letter and posted it here for anyone that needs ideas on what to write about.





April 3, 2006
RE: zoning and miniature potbellied pigs

Dear Mr. Weberman,

I am writing to you about something fun and unusual.... Potbellied pigs.
And why the zoning on these wonderful companions is outdated and should be addressed.

Potbellied pigs can be wonderful companion animals. More so than a dog. Or a cat. Their temperament is perfect for some people. Like most people, potbellied pigs live a sedentary life. They sleep most of the day, roam around the yard for a slug or two, take a dip in their kiddie pool, and then promptly go to bed when the sun goes down... Of course, in between they like to eat. They have a keen sense of humor. Have been known to play tricks on their owners. They have a mind of a 3 year old. And they don’t ever care if you miss their daily walk.

Like most domesticated animals, they are loving and enjoyable pets. But without all the normal hassles of a dog or a cat.

They don’t roam like most dogs do, attack the neighbors, or chase the cat. They don’t howl at all hours. Nor growl at the postman. They aren’t loud. They don’t cry when their owners leave for the day. They don’t climb up trees, nor get into cat fights at all hours. They aren’t a threat to small children.

They get spayed and neutered just like a dog or cat. They go to the vet for their vaccinations. And they walk on a leash to get there.

They don’t need a large yard. Just a small kiddie pool to regulate their body temperature, and a small area to do their business. Where they do it in the same place every day --either in a litter box or a small area in the yard. They are fastidiously neat.

And very importantly, potbellied pigs DO NOT SMELL. Nor do they shed, or create allergies. They have absolutely no odor whatsoever, and neither does their manure. And unlike dog or cat manure, a potbellied pigs is considered awesome fertilizer. Go ask my roses.

A potbellied pig is no more of a threat than your average shitzu. Without all that yapping. It is no larger than a pit-bull. without the fear. And its as clean (or more so) as some people.

It’s a shame that many have a negative opinion of these unusual animals. It’s based partially on ignorance and fear of the unusual. What people don’t know is a pot belly pig is not a “farm” hog. People automatically assume the word “pig” is a nasty one. They see pictures of farm hogs all dirty in a mud wallow, and then come to these conclusions that a pot belly pig must be in that same category. They aren’t. It will never get up to the size of a farm hog. Nor will it ever be raised for food. Or raised like a commercial hog would be.

These animals should be classified as “domesticated” just like a dog or a cat. They are raised in loving homes, and pampered just like others do with their dogs or cats. They learn tricks, are harness trained, have special potty places, and learn faster than most animals.

A person that owns a pot bellied pig is an out of the box kind of thinker. They aren’t satisfied with a dog. Nor do they think a parakeet is a “fun” pet. A pot bellied pig owner is someone you just want to get to know better, because they love all things quirky. They understand what it takes to own such a smart creature. They bought one for reasons of intelligence. These pigs are just amazing little creatures and someone that owns one did the research to find a perfect pet for their lifestyle. They shouldn’t be penalized for outdated zoning restrictions regarding these docile companions.

True, they are not the mainstream kind of pet. And they aren’t for everyone. And not everyone is going to want one. Just certain people who want a little diversity to their lives. People who know and understand what it takes to keep a potbellied pig as a companion animal.

Did you know, a pot bellied pig can be taught in minutes what it takes weeks to teach a puppy? Just to give you some perspective, my Potbellied pig at 14 days old learned to go into the litter box within minutes of his arrival. He has NEVER messed in the house. I can’t say the same for my dogs. Or cat.

A potbellied pig is by far cleaner, quieter, less work, than any of my other animals, and for some people would make the perfect pet.

When the zoning laws were written potbellied pigs hadn’t even been brought over to this country, yet. So, please, consider changing the zoning to allow these awesome little creatures.

If you need any more info, or help in this fight, I am more than happy to oblige. And you can contact me at the numbers below. Or email.

Thank you for your time,

Jojo Milano

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