UDDERLY confused

I am udderly confused to say the least. My paltry experience with my goats has set me in a panic. Last week i noticed her nipples were enlarged. 5 days ago i noticed she was a bit heavier looking in the loin region. AND, Yesterday her udders were showing? big, round and hard looking. Today they are softer, and her nipples are wet. Huh? unless it was divine intervention my goat couldn't possibly be pregnant. And therefore her udders shouldn't be enlarged. Right?


They call this "precocious udder". This means that my doe comes from a line of good milkers. So good in fact that they start producing milk when they don't even need it...I'm finding this very funny. I still hadn't figured out whether or not i was going to get her pregnant and have babies, show her, milk her, etc. It seems how could i not now. Maybe i got lucky and now have a good shower, milker, etc. Hmmmm....

But on the other hand,

My poor little baby doeling is growing up. Gone are the cute little innocent life experiences. Gone are the cooing baby sit on my lap and watch tv times. She is now ready to have babies of her own. She is now a "milker"....

Now there is a very remote possibility that she is pregnant. Remote because Samson my wether (castrasted male) is well... snipped. He doesn't act like a buck. Nor does he smell like one. (thankfully). But, ya never know, they might not have done it right. Or missed something. I hope not. Bucks are just not my thing. although i have to admit my friend, Kathy has a few and they are gentlemen. But the babes would be wrong. They are half brother and sister. i hope she isn't pregnant.

Well, if anyone has any ideas what i should do next let me know. I think the best thing for now is do nothing and see if it dries up. BUT, need to make sure this doesn't hamper her ability to produce in the future.

Oh joy! another wrinkle in my menagerie. Now i need to get online and research some more.

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