udder update 3.31.06

These are the most recent udder picts of Delilah. took them an hour ago march 31,2006. I noticed her udder enlarging 3 weeks ago. And i haven't touched them, except to make sure they aren't hard. They aren't getting any smaller. Only bigger. I was hoping she would dry up. So how long does it take to cycle thru this " precocious-ness".... Not only is her udder twice the size. BUT her teats are lengthening...

Or if she is pregnant, how far along could she be? From what i am reading, they will bag up like this 4-6 weeks prior to birth or more for first fresheners. Her belly is a bit bigger. But not enough to make it look pregnant. Which i'm not sure this is a factor.

Aren't there plenty of does out there people didn't even know she was pregnant? And then the last question would be is this a false pregnancy? But by the way she is treating my doeling oreo, that doesn't seem likely. She is just being terrible to her. Butts her any chance that she gets.

Delilah is 14 months old, and i have had her since she was 10 days old. She does come from a good milking line. copy and paste the link below and it will take you to her pedigree. maybe that would answer it. i have no idea about this stuff yet.


I do notice that Samson like to play mount her. But she does it right back at him. and i haven't noticed anyone suckling her teats..

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