A PERFECT sunday afternoon

Nothing is more perfect than doing absolutely nothing, but enjoying your animals. I kept thinking it was a Dr. Doolittle moment. The birds were out. The horse and pig were getting to know each other better. The dogs were laying in wait for the squirrel up the tree. The goats were lounging in the sun. And i was just sitting there watching them all.

It was better than an academy winning movie. Nothing could have been more perfect. I finally decided to let brandy and piggy out at the same time. This has never happened because i am always afraid iggy will get stepped on. But although brandy was acting like she didn't care. She did nudge iggy a few times. And when brandy got to close iggy moved off. Of course, they can never be left alone. But today they became pals. And it didn't hurt there was FOOD involved. iggy even shared. And has met his match. Cause brandy loves her hay almost as much as iggy loves to eat anything edible. They shared that is all that matters.

Oreo is learning that she is NOT the only animal in the universe, and was enjoying her new pen. finally, quietly. Samson and delilah are getting used to oreo, and iggy well, he is just being himself. There is a definite love hate relationship among that group. Iggy wants to be out with the dogs, but when it comes time to nap, well, he just wants to be close to the goats. Oreo is not sure why the older ones aren't too happy to see her. And iggy isn't sure where he sits on the ladder so he nudges oreo a bit too much. So oreo learned today she must live in the pens just like the rest of them. No more living in the house. And she can learn to sleep in the barn.

hemingway and cyprus were out too. Who would have thought the barn could double as a giant playstand. Too funny. Hemi was using the rails as a ladder while cyprus loved hanging on the door and trying to unlatch it. Both of them were totally unphased by all the animal antics. I need to bring them out more often. While i was grooming brandy, cyprus wanted down off my shoulder and hopped onto brandy's back. hemingway got a hold of her tail and started grooming it. All this was too nerve-wracking so i didn't let him stay on or hemi getting the tail. But none the less, its a huge leap of trust for a bird wanting to get on her back. And brandy? totally unphased by it all. I'm not so sure if hemi took a chunk out of brandy's nose. But all went well.

In one form or another, everyone just knew what kind of day it was. The only movement was of a particularily annoying little squirrel. First he was up a tree and the dogs just drooled. Then down on the fence. Then jumping from tree to tree. Then he was in the goat pen eating the rest of oreo's food. (black oil sunflower seeds) I guess he didn't get the memo that it was a lazy day. Check out the photos and see if you can see the squirrel. its funny because they just know where they can go and the dogs can't get to them. And it seems the goats don't care.

So, i had the cat on my lap, the birds on my shoulder, the dogs at my feet, brandy eating some hay, iggy lounging in the sun, with the goats. and not one mess to clean up, arguement to settle, squeal for food, or any of the other nonsense that takes up most of my day. Just a perfect doolittle moment. I think i sat there for 3 hours? i can't remember. But it sure was timeless.


  1. Yes it was a perfect day.

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