Hmmm. don't you just love an oreo cookie? Just thinking about it is making me hungry. but that is not why i write.. Today, is Oreo day. And not the edible kind. Oreo is a new addition to the family. Yes, call me crazy but when i saw her i just fell in love. She is pitch black, with a square box of white on her side. each leg has some white and her ears are speckled white and black. I took these pictures this morning. And of course had to add the funny one of samson eating my cigarettes. iggy well, he was just doing what he always does, root!

Oreo has now been here 3 days. And its not that bad. When i weaned samson and delilah, they were terrors. one would go one way and the other would go the opposite. while saving one from getting into something i would have to run soon after to save the other. At least Oreo is a bit better behaved. and well, i don't think he knows he's a goat. Since he is too little to put out with the rest, he is living in the house. Yes, and potty trained. It only took a day. He still makes a mess wherever he goes, but at least its not THAT kind of mess.

Everyone took to him. Big load off my shoulders. Even ol man behaved the first day. In the past i normally have to introduce slowly and over a couple of weeks. But, by monday morning, oreo was all settled in. Dogs left him alone, and oreo would follow me anywhere.

So, i'm off to publix for some oreos. In honor of...


  1. denise tMay 26, 2006

    hi, its denise from the chickens 101 group here...i love oreos coloring! what kind of goat is she?

  2. Hi thanks Denise, She's a Nubian. Purebred. only 4 months old now... i have to admit i bought her for the coloring too!


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