what i do for a living.

Since i have never been quite able to explain to others exactly what a designer or art director does, I guess the best way is to show you. i have lots of work that i am proud of.

An art director is someone who works in an advertising agency coming up with new ideas to sell a product. What it is that gets confusing is art directors don't necessarily, create the photos, or create the art or write the copy. They put all the elements together so when you see the final product, an ad, a brochure, you read with interest, understand the product, and overall enjoy the experience learning about that product.

Sometimes its an image ad, that just wants to portray a feeling. when you look at that ad, and say "wow" or "i want to do that, or go there" then an ad has pretty much spoken to you. My favorite of course, is image ads. Conceptual and clever. Not so much selling you something, or hitting you over the head with obvious facts, but, easy on the eyes, pretty to look at, and gets the point across. The ads shown are some of my favorites. The ad for Radisson Cruises were fun projects. The task was simple, how do you create luxury and travel, with a hint of adventure. And when Radisson wanted to introduce a new cruise ship, what comes to mind? nothing simpler than the headline and visual.

Other items shown are different facets to design and art direction. Direct mail is great when you can send 3-dimensional pieces via mail. You have a captive audience. who doesn't like to get presents in the mail? Or logo design. This is the purest form of design. You need to create an image and a clear feeling of the company, without ever really saying anything. Its all about color, type, space. No copy, explanation. Just an icon.....

So this is what i do for a living. I work from home and love it. I started milano.design,inc. 3 years ago, and happily have been expanding ever since.


  1. Nice, the art director skillz show in your photos. Sweet living arrangements as well, wildlife, et al.

  2. :) thanks, its my little piece of heaven.


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