Regal with a hint of whimsy

This picture sums it up.... These guys are just absolutely amazing. I have a few "regal" animals. My african grey is a regal fellow. My Quarterhorse brandy is also at times very "regal", when she isn't rolling around in the mud. But these guys, Nubians, are the epitome. Just look at that nose. And their eyes are just so sweet. Yes, with a hint of mischevious glean to them. they move like little elegant balerinas. I almost want to say dainty. But they have a goofy side. I shot this today. Samson is my wether (castrated male) and he had his head stuck in a pile of hay. When i called him he came running and didn't have time to shake of the mess.

There is not a mean bone in their body. I have never owned an animal that is purely sweet. Samson and delilah came to me in February last year. Or should i say i drove 10 hours to get them. 5 hours up and 5 hours back. What an ordeal. Crying the whole way home. And fitting into my dog kennel. They were soo small. And such a joy to raise. I want more. But they are semi high maintenance animals. They were weaned by me, and i do think that is part of it. They go everywhere i go. They do everything i do. If i lay down and lounge on the grass, so will they. If i run into the house, they do everything in their power to try getting in too. And when its time for bed? they follow me into their stall. And cry unless i come and sit with them for awhile. They call out to me when they see me. And when i come home late, i can hear them calling "mmaaaaa" all the way down the street.

Don't get me wrong, they aren't angels. Look at the picture of them eating. The blue tarp WAS up last night. Within an hour this morning they demolished it. I'm leaving it there for a day or so. Maybe they will leave it up the next time they try to make it into a play gym.

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