FIDS- feathered kids

If you have called my house on any given morning, you have no doubt noticed that sometimes you can't hear me. Or vice versa. Well, its likely to be my FIDS. They seem to take great joy in making my life miserable when a call comes in. Hemi screams and Cyprus chatters. They do this without fail, every morning and every evening. they shut up around lunchtime. And of course when it gets dark. They are birds after all. And they go to bed promptly at 9... Being the night owl i am. This has proven difficult at times.

Hemingway is from South America and he is an Blue and Gold Macaw.
Cyprus is a Congo African Grey and he is considered an old world bird. While hemi is considered a new world bird.

And they couldn't be any further apart in personality, too. They are like night and day. One is the biggest goofball. and one is a serious thinker. One loves taking a shower, and the other hates water. One eats only fruits and veggies and the other likes only pizza and beer. One screams and the other talks. One makes you laugh while the other makes you think. can you guess which is which? They are without a doubt the most high maintenance animals a person could get. And they are an absolute amazement everyday.

Hemingway should have been named something else. He is not the thinker nor is he vocal. He always wants attentioni and he will do anything to get it. Mostly he mimics your gestures. And being italian, i have a few good ones. Hemi knows them all. He is 3 years old and male. The male part is good. The three years old part means he is coming up on maturity. Next time you see me i might have only 9 digits.... yes, hemi is an old boyfriend story. Boyfriend wanted a bird. How i ended up with him is pretty obvious. The bird and i got along better than the boyfriend and i. Too funny. Good guy. When it was obvious Hemi was depressed living with him, he called me and asked me if wanted him. The rest is history.

Cyprus is the thinker. And he can be aloof as all great thinkers are. He wants your attention he will call for it. He is demanding and wants to learn every single moment. when you are talking to him He is looking directly at you and absorbing everything you say. What a challenge to have an animal possibly smarter than you. He is definetely smarter than most people. And he is turning into a little chatterbox. His newest phrase is "want to go outside?" He whistles the Oscar Meyer commercial. I figured if i could get him to sing it maybe we could make a few bucks. No of course not. He won't sing it. He likes to whistle it. He KNOWS and repeats every animals names. He calls them all in my tone of voice. and sometimes they come. His words can be strung together and i really believe he knows what he is saying. Just yesterday, he called oliver to the cage and dropped some food while saying "want some? good boy".... Its only a matter of time before he starts telling me what to do. Or better yet, HE can answer the phone.

I have opted to move my mothers farm table and putting the birds in its place. So they are in the dining room and the table is in the patio. To the dismay of all who visit. but, these guys really need to be in the house. And the table after all IS just a table. Even if it was hand made and one of a kind... grin. We'll go into the dirty nasty mess the create another day...

So, hemi and cyprus. my two FIDS...

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  1. Lol, why does that always happen? Hey did you hear about my new pup from Darksky Alaskan Malamutes? The little guy is so cute!



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