The different wildlife i have on the property

sometimes its pretty cool to see all this wildlife. Sometimes downright scary. I have on occasion tried to get pictures, some not so great. Don't want to get too close to a gator. and the Igauna at the time was in season. He will turn a brite orange coloring on his legs and tail when he is looking for a mate.... i just saw a really small iguana last week. so he was successful.

The owl pic was taken in my garage. he was trying to get at my finches. two weeks later one died so i assume he got his claws on him. Poor finch. The vultures are black vultures and although their purpose in life is a bit disgusting, its necessary all the same. I do have to go out and see what they are focusing on.

I have seen a couple red shouldered hawks in the area. Because of them i can't take out my birds as much. i always wonder about them swooping down and taking my kids right off my shoulder....

There are also alot of cottontail rabbits running around. but luckily for them they are too quick to get on camera. I have found 3 nests in the last couple of months. Darn dogs find them. Right now there are 2 bunnies a week or so old in the nest which is in a small manure pile. The bunny is not too smart. I had to put up a barricade around the hole so my dogs and horse won't trample them. I have been checking on them daily to make sure momma is feeding them. Which i believe she is. BUt when it comes time for them to wander away from the nest at weaning, i am terribly afraid they won't survive. There is nothing there to help them hide....

Let's talk spiders for a moment... This one shown is a wolf spider. and i love them. They do get huge though. I don't recommend walking around barefoot at night. They are beneficial to the environment. And downright eat most any pest. So they can stay. Just don't come into the house. Not sure how i can manage that. There are plenty other types of spiders, that i tend to let be. Their webs do help control the fly, mosquito, knat populations as well.

I can't seem to find my gator pics... But will post them when i do... Luckily they stay in the water where they belong....

Pretty cool living in a rural environment. I wonder how long it will last, though. The roads are being paved. some new homeowners want city water and my quiet street has 3 new homes (mcmansions) going up.

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