Sad little people

For almost 10 years (started this blog in 2006), I’ve been documenting my journey with the animals. From the first one... Ignatius C Potbelly to the day I drove up North to pick up Samson and Delilah, to the very worst (Hurricanes), to the very best ( babies lots of them).  Even when 5 years ago my lifestyle, I feared was in danger... Still is. ...I wrote about development, land use, codes and zoning. I have documented EVERY step of my journey. The good. The bad. Taken pictures, posted them, and its all here for anyone and everyone to read. There is nothing to hide.

Today, I get a disturbing email alerting me that there was a nasty post about me and my farm from the a certain pro -development homeowner,  in my area, that likes to bully. And it was posted online in one of the groups I am NOT a member of so I couldn’t defend myself. How brave is that?  This isn't new, except this time it can affect my business. I suppose ignoring it would be prudent, except that this is never-ending. And i'm not the first person they/she has done this to.  But I am the first that has a blog and a following. 

Enough is enough. I have had it, her name is Holly Beck (loxahatchee, florida not the famous surfer) and I want everyone to know who she is.  Evil. small minded. SAD human being. And i’m writing on my blog that gets over 20,000 hits a year. She called me out, was nasty, and now I’m doing the same to her. Maybe by doing so will shame her into stopping this crap. 

At first I was going to let it slide.... At first. Then of course, I got angry. Then I laughed. A friend came over to confirm for me that nothing is amiss. This is a FARM. I have farm animals. I run a dairy, I have chickens, they mess, I have a trailer for transport, I have a myriad of things in piles that are for those ‘what if’ moments. I work outdoors and things are just not perfect. And that is it. 

Life isn’t perfect. 

But she is. 

She is so perfect that she feels confident that she can write whatever she wants without repercussions. 

Her comments are damaging and mean and its now plastered on Facebook. So, my only recourse short of hiring an attorney to slap her with a cease and desist is to now defend myself and finally, call her out. This needs to stop. They and she have gone after the wrong person. I’m just a long line of friends and fellow activists that she has done this to. They've harassed, ridiculed, disparaged, but mostly try to ruin reputations. And it's been going on for years. Everything that comes out of this persons mouth is evil and vindictive and not true. 

Especially, in this particular instance, so, I want to point out a few positives about my farm...

In the 10 years that I have lived here my farm has been open to everyone and anyone. Even her. I have documented and added up over 1,000 people that have walked thru my gates. I have had farm days, school groups, farm groups, other farmers, a congress woman, a judge, a federal judge, police, reporters, famous chefs, even a couple famous actors ....and oh yeah, how could i forget...PBS was here to shoot a segment on the farm for national TV.... (click here) I’ve been photographed, locally and nationally, the animals photographed, products highlighted, barn, paddocks, for newspapers, magazines... Articles written, and stories told on blogs, but yet, not one of them had any problems with what I do here and how things look. Actually the opposite. They think its GREAT.
Know why? THEY GET IT. This is a working homestead. 

I moved out here to have farm animals and to be more self- sufficient. I raise goats, chickens and bees. I'm one of the few homesteads that actually make a living doing this. And I'm pretty well known thru- out S. Florida in certain circles. I don't make a large living. I just sometimes squeak by. But I use the land as it is intended. I spend money when I have extra- on the animals. I don't keep spending on things they keep breaking. I don't mow the yard, it's money down the drain. And I surely don't waste anything that I can one day use. And I make no excuses on what I can or cannot afford to do. And, I do this alone. So get off my back.

Her post and comments were uncalled for, unnecessary, and downright nasty. She is a spore on the ass of my pig, who by the way is the cleanest animal in the barn yard. 

This type of person is moving in to our area, they move next door, then they want to see perfectly mowed yards, no animals, and cookie cutter lifestyles. They call ACC on noisy roosters, uncut lawns, they call code when your drain pipes are falling, and when they don't like what you stand for,  try to disparage your reputation thinking this will shut me up. Well, the opposite happened.

I fight to keep a ‘live and let live’ attitude. It is why we all moved out here in the first place. Not to be in an HOA. To not have neighbors so close you can hear them snoring. To be able to have livestock, and to care for them as I see fit. And If I choose to spend any little extra income, it’ goes to them. Maybe I should splurge and buy her a muzzle. 

So,  don’t come after me,  it’s not going to work. I work hard for what I do here. I'm proud of my little farm and what we've achieved these past 10 years. And nothing you can say can change this fact. 

BUT maybe, just maybe you will run across her, and remember her name, and what an evil, vindictive, jerk she really is and just like she is trying to ruin my reputation, this might help do the same to her and whatever business she might be in. 

So here’s the deal. Screw you pooch. Get off your ass and do something positive for once. Stop berating others because you can't argue a point without being mean and nasty... you are a really sorry sad little person. :) 

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