Pitter Patter...

I love getting the cards.

I had two school groups here the past month. To learn about the small farm and milking goats, and to bring me some chicks.  As a thank you, the children from St. Andrews private school and Sea Star Academy sent these lovely cards to me again this year. Both schools are set in urban settings, and sometimes this is the first time they get to see outside of a petting zoo setting what these animals are meant to do. Why I do it, etc.

What we've been doing is sending over some hatchable eggs to the school. They do all the work. I enjoy the spoils.  As a treat once the eggs have hatched. And its not a given they will. They can come here and bring them back. And we set up the coop for them. 8 Chicks were hatched for me this year. The kids learn about embryology. I get free chicks. It's always fun to see how little minds think. The questions they ask. And what they remember most. Best of all are these cards.

It was fun to read them all. And see what stood out to them on their visit.

Gobble. Gobble. Bob the Turkey has been memorialized.

St. Andrews kids made me this group card. 

Yes! Now they are EGGsperts. How cute.

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