Farm to table events are just awesome! They give the chefs the ability to showcase the farms produce. Farmers get their food in front of the customer. And I get to go to them as either a vendor, guest, or helper. I by far like being a vendor at these events best. I bring the kids and it's so funny to watch all these grownups acting like kids themselves. I also do the email blast and menu designs for each event. I love when I can take both my talent and my passion and put them together.

Here are some photos from the most recent Swank Table event. www.swankspecialtyproduc.com #swanktable.

Libby Volges is an amazing food photographer. Check out www.libbyvision.com

I've been invited back for the next event. I bring the kids and art, soap, etc. It's a fun evening. 
Come see me if you go to the next one Le Grande Aioli.

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