What is Bonafide Ag?

There is much confusion on this aspect. Why? Language in zoning and statutes and property appraiser sites  have been changing over the years. QUIETLY. Unless you follow this stuff you just don't know what they are doing.

Think of the guy with 20, 40 100  acres, slaps a few cows on it, and voila, tax exemptions....This needed to stop. I understand this. So things started to change in languages to curtail this kind of abuse. (my opinion).

But by doing so but they've missed a valid group of people that cannot utilize the Florida Right to Farm Act because of it. Was this their intention?

Firstly, have you ever been to the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser site? No? go! now!

Look up your home and see what your USE CODE is.
This is mine- 6800 - equestrian

This has changed in the past few years. If you live in the AR district and thought you were AGR you are NOT any longer unless you were given the "bonafide" agriculture classification by the PROPERTY APPRAISER.

I've met and spoke with many these past few weeks. Each time telling them what is going on out here. ALL of them saying " oh no we are AG"... No you're not.

Unless you ask for this exemption from jan. 1 to March 1st of every year, by sending in a request to the Property appraiser you are NOT zoned AGRICULTURE. YOU ARE ZONED  0100 RESIDENTIAL.

I saw it a few years ago and realized yikes! and so I applied to become Bonafide. Took 3 years. This year I applied again asking for an increase in my "bonafide" status of land use. You see, the greenbelt laws in place allow any size property to be zoned "BONAFIDE AG" but not all of it can be exempt,  on such a small parcel of land like I'm on. So my 1.4 acres is only zoned .79 bonafide agriculture. Even though i use all my property. I have a PARTIAL GRANTING OF AGRICULTURAL CLASSIFICATION.

I'm not complaining. With this classification I can now utilize the FLORIDA RIGHT TO FARM ACT.  And the AGRICULTURE EXEMPT BUILDING CODES. That guarantees me the right to build structures where I want.  And keep animals that are needed to make my living.  AND no one can force me to stop. Not even the ridiculous stalking neighbor that started this whole nonsense in Jupiter Farms that doesn't want to hear a rooster crow. I'm not affected by the proposed zoning ordinance language. This classification allows me a bit of leeway. My 5 roosters are so happy!

Florida Right to Farm Act

What this all does though is not take into consideration the HOBBY FARMER.  The guy down the street that raises bees and periodically sells his honey but doesn't make a "living" off it. Or the kids in 4H that raise livestock for showing, and breeding, and education purposes. This doesn't take into consideration the poultry breeders who sell eggs on the weekend- just to pay for chicken scratch. This doesn't help the homesteader- few goats, some chickens the pig raised for food.  These are the people where much of the proposed language is going to hurt the most. By limiting them you are limiting the next serious farmer...

 Back to that usurper who slapped a few cows on 100 acres. His actions are hurting the real farmsteaders, homesteaders.   Something needs to change so that ANYONE  busting their ass in a farming environment with or with out the agriculture classification can benefit. Agriculture should be promoted. And any language that limits this? needs to be GONE!

Hope this helps explain things a bit better. Next year apply for your AG classification.

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