I crack myself up!

Delilah's "you better feed me look".
Today I said something that just made me laugh out loud. ... The PBP was here to get some photos of my soaps and goats for an upcoming gift guide. And while I knew that well fed goats are pretty boring from past photographers coming here to shoot, unfed 2 hours past their feed time was going to get them to pay attention to what the photographer wanted. 

But as the day wore on I was grabbing unruly goats and sequestering them before they hurt someone. Add some goat chow to the mix and It was like a shark feeding frenzy. They were trying to knock over the reporter. And trying to eat the photographer. One goat almost got his camera.  Although I can handle much anything "the girls"  throw at me, I forget these aren't "trained" animals.

All I could do to not slink in the mud from embarrassment was to say, 

"you know, these aren't petting zoo goats"..... 

Like there's a difference. 

Now that i'm finally sitting down thinking back, I can't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of that statement. 

But, Hey! It worked. They agreed. We moved on. And no cameras were injured in the process.

And I guess maybe they aren't "petting zoo" goats. 

They're much larger!

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