Sick for the first time in years

UGH! I caught a cold. How? I'm convinced my neighbor (who had a cold) was petting the "pris"  and then i picked her up and,  voila... possible? yes.  He is the only person I've come into contact with a cold. And I never touched him. We conversed thru the fence. Oh well.

Being sick with animals poses problems. Firstly, so not in the mood to do extras. Barely feeding on time. But, the worst of it is I never have questioned my hygiene and cleanliness and so forth.  Piggy could get my cold. What about the parrots? And my milk. I can theoretically get my customers sick. Rare. But still. On my mind. I pulled all milk the days I think I was contagious. And will just keep it for myself. Can I give the goats a cold? i don't doubt it. Something to think about though. All this thinking is making my headache worse. But, wow! I got a cold.

This is the first time I can remember being sick in years. And of course, convinced it would be worse if not for drinking raw milk, almost a half gallon a day right now. (need to do something with that pulled milk).

One of the oldies but goodies to cure the common cold is a HOT toddy. So I dragged my butt to the store and bought some B&B... If it doesn't kill the cold. At least I'll be happy!



  1. Hey Jojo, it's Virginia (Gin Gin) from Parrotalk, remember me? Anyway sorry you're sick but rest easy that you can't give a common cold to your critters. Unless you have the swine or avian flu I don't think you have to worry. :o)

    I should've come up to visit you when I lived in Delray, but now we moved to Chicago. First snow flurries yesterday (Brrrrrr...)

    Take care & feel better soon,

  2. Thanks gin... How the heck are you and the crew at Parrotalk?

  3. I'm fine, been here 2 years & still getting used to this winter thing. Parrotalk is dead slow these days, I think it's about run it's course.


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