Hiatus over!

I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging. Not sure why. I guess because nothing much goes on in August. I'm too hot and tired from the heat to do much else after the goats are cared for or work is over. The goats don't get into too much trouble when its this hot, hence no antics to relay.

Things are picking up on the soap sales front. Getting phone calls all the time for farmer's markets and street stands. It's time to get back in the soap making with larger quantities. And now that the weather is changing i can make soap in the daytime. This summer I noticed the soap cured differently in the heat. I didn't like the outcome so i curtailed alot of soapmaking till the late evenings.

Design business is thankfully picking up again after the summer too. Especially brutal in budgeting this year from previous years. My first lavish extra is getting my chinese food fix i gave up to save on some money. I've also switch feed providers and that is helping immensely as well as picking it up myself saving on delivery costs.

Milk is still flowing. I have delilah and Latte still in milk with the babies on them. Babies? 9 month old babies. Linny is holding strong at 1 gallon a day into her 8 month, and Magnolia is too, but only 4-5 lbs. It's time to wean the kids. They've had a good summer of browse. The yard looks like  a weed pit. Goats are happy.  A bit on the thin side but overall all is well there. I love the milk stand. But all my feathered friends realized the minute the garage door opened food was being served and it was a nightmare. Solve one problem and another arises. Milk stand in the garage is great but now the garage door stays shut and the goats are ushered thru the house to be milked in the garage.

I've gone another full year without air conditioning. And survived the summer. This year seemed more brutal then last. Many nights wishing I had air.

We've gone no cable here too! Time to get an antenae and converter box. It's been 3 months no tv. I get some news on the computer but, overall not something I like being without. Watching the "tube" before bed was always a luxury and it's time to re-introduce.

The South Florida Fair is again right around the corner. Mark your calendars, Jan. 13, 14, 15...

My female Pekin died last week. And her favorite mate isn't doing too well. Is he pining over her? He's now in the house making a mess, but resting. I hope he makes it.

So thats it over here.  As the weather changes hopefully so will the postings. Is it possible i have nothing more to say?


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  1. Glad to hear things are picking up with work. I was getting worried there. :)
    Too bad about the female duck. She was a character. Other than that, I hope everyone is doing well.


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