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Yesterday I went visiting my friend Kathy Duncan in Port  St. Lucie. She raises lamanchas. What a pretty and odd breed of goat. Those not familiar with them will look and say “where are the ears?”. They are there, just not apparent. They have small holes and no ear flap.  Lamancas are a purely American breed of goat. We created them. Figures, huh?

Now some crosses will have “elf” ears, like the baby that was just born. That little black goat with blue eyes is a product of a Nigerian and Lamancha mix. And they’re called mini-manchas. Very cute. Not showable I don’t think, but pet trade I’m sure and good for milking too. And they will be half the size of the Lamanchas.
What a sweet breed they are. They are NOT as noisy as my nubians. They have a sweet maaaing sound. And they are docile and overall a sturdy, wonderful breed to have.
Take a look at that comb on the rooster. He’s a Road Island Red and what a stunning roo. He’s huge.
On the home front I, uh, I..... got a new addition! Meet willow She is a Lion head bunny and is 8 weeks old. What a cutie. My cats are obviously interested and we are training them to leave the bunnies alone. I purchased a bunny hutch and will create a small enclusure, fenced right out my kitchen window so the they can roam in the grass and go in and out of their hutch. As well as come in for play time.
This little petting zoo is pretty complete now!
Happy holidays everyone!
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  1. Hi, I just found your site. I think it was through a site about real milk.
    Love the Lamancha pictures. We have Lamanchas, as well as an adorable young Nigerian buck, born on the President's birthday, and part black and part white. Guess what we named him.
    Our Lamanchas are dry right now, and thanks to some bad planning they may stay so for a while. Which brings me to a question: do you ever sell raw milk for pet consumption?

    Lake Worth and Venus


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