kittens and chickens

I don't know how i do it. But i do it somehow. Chicken killers and chickens getting along. :)

I think it's because i take things slow. Don't rush. And really just wait for the moment to happen. Henrietta here is sick she has been in a crate for the last few days now. Nor has she even attempted to walk out. The door is open. Only tonight she wanted to. The last few days the kittens have gotten a good talking to. I have pretty much stated chickens are off limits. It seems to be working. :) When i called the kittens to dinner. henrietta was right there! So what the heck!

Chicken killers! bleh....

Only time will tell, truth be told. But, they are starting out in the right direction.

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  1. teh chickeh be lkin @ teh kittehs & thnkn "Eh!"

    Love the new look!


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