I knew one day something might go wrong with me. Teeth, eyes, back, continence?

At 40, I was getting gray hairs. 41 started putting on the pounds. 42 the fat revolted and started to sag. But 43 was the clincher, i bought my first pair of 'readers'. The pharmacy kind. $19.99 for .5x then it was 1 x then 1.5 x...

NOW these are failing me!!!! ARGH!

It's the computer. I know it. I can be on here 12 hours a day at times. The glasses are for reading the ingredients on boxes. Directions.  The small print in the magazines. BUT now it seems i'm using them HERE! NOW! on the durned computer.

i used to do this.

You know where they sit low on the nose? so you can look OVER them?

Now I find myself not realizing when I do this.

Uhoh! not good. Not good at all.


  1. AnonymousMay 23, 2009

    I keep putting off using the glasses,even tho I need them.Just wanted to say great picture and I LOVE your pendant.

  2. I hear you. I can't see you though! I wear rx glasses for distance, drug store glasses for reading, sun glasses for being outside where I can't see anything because they have just plain lenses. I need to get over it and get bifocals and tinted bifocals.
    I loved your comment about reading the box ... I couldn't figure out for the longest time why companies had started using such bad ink and printing on boxes so that everything was unreadable. Oh hello, perhaps it's not the whole world that is crazy, um, gulp, it might be me ... welcome to our forties!

  3. Great pic! I hear ya. I'm ahead of you and have pairs stashed strategically in the JEEP, at work, and by the computer.

  4. SAD!!! I was always so proud to say i have BETTER than 20/20 vision... not anymore.

  5. Ahhh my forties...better than my twenties or my fifties. I've always worn glasses so it's not a problem but my 20/20 husband hasn't taken it so well. Aging is like peeling the layers of an onion...there's always another layer to discover. ;)


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