Ohio homesteaders get raid by Gov't

This really is a shame. Why in the world does the gov't feel the need to come into the privacy of OUR homes and do this.

Co-ops are a way that homesteading families can buy local. Buy bulk. And group their feedstuffs.

In this instance, a family of 10 who are peaceful religious people, were involved in a raid That you see on COPS. Guns drawn and police in swat uniforms came in and held them against their will while they took all their foods, computers and personal food items.

Please pass this on to. retweet. re- blog. send in emails and so on. This has got to stop.

buckeye institute is taking on the case. CLICK HERE for more information.

and here is a good podcast of the Lawyer describing what happened.  CLICK HERE.

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  1. doesn't this just piss you off? more to come in the future i fear as jackasses like monsanto and their ilk gain more of a foothold.


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