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Jungle Pete had a post i just read. CLICK HERE. His post was mostly on saving water and its a good read so maybe you can get some good tips there.

and that got me thinking what do I do? And believe it or not I'm pretty green. Pretty cool. So, the question is are you? And i'd like to put this out those of you with BLOGS that happen to come across mine. What do you do? And BLOG about it.

Here are a few things I do that you can too.

If you know me, you know I turned my air off last year. Old BLOG Post here. And it is a bit of challenge for most folks but heck that is alot of energy we could save right there by turning off your damn air. I just went visiting, they had their air on. it's 70˚ outside, turn your air off and open the windows. Just plain frivolous having the air on when its just as nice and cool outside. :( My mother does that. Ugh! I wish I could get her to stop but, I haven't gotten her ear on this yet. Any ideas? I've tried, trust me.

Buy some green bags for the grocery. I forgot them last week. I felt guilty. I've been using them now for the last 7 months and they are GREAT. You get more in the bag. Its sturdier too. Less trips to the car to bring the groceries in the house. And your saving the landfills of all the plastic. I'd like to see Publix and big box stores STOP offering them altogether. Bring your own bags. Its COOL! Its easier. And its green.

I have Bahia grass. I don't have sprinklers. I don't have a pristine lawn. Why do you need one? I like the beautiful green grass too. And the orderly ness it all brings. BUT why? Why do you need it exactly? I'm not saying go crazy and not do anything. But, save the water. Save on the electricity to run it. And plant Florida Native plants (or wherever you may live). And don't be so pristine. It irks me everytime i pass a golf course. I know what it takes to water and plant. Their budgets are ginormous yearly just on water management and pesticides and, oh how depressing to think another is being built.

Thats another green thing. Florida Native plants. Stop planting intrusive plants. Stop letting loose invasive bugs, animals, reptiles and so on into the environment. You'd think this would be a no-brainer but i just met a lady that admitted her parakeet got out. She saw it up in the tree, and realized well maybe it would be happier out there than inside. And just let it be. Dufus. Really. If a hawk didn't get it, its NOT a native species. If it proliferates then what? I'd love to end those ridiculous Animal Planet shows with them out looking for 30ft Burmese pythons in your backyard. I know this is a post unto itself...

Shower less. YES!! i live on a farm. and i need to shower daily. Do i really need to spend 30 minutes in the shower? NO. And i don't, nor do you. Get thee a shower saver gadget that goes on the shower too. Monitor your kids shower time. Do you really need the water to come at you a mile a minute? Stop wasting water.

I'm getting some rain barrels. I have one already. But if you cut your rain gutter and i have 4 around the house. Then you can use the water from them to water your plants. I can water the animals with it. I'm getting a few next month to try. My neighbor says to make sure if you get them used that you don't get the black barrels, they are used more for odd substances. Same with the orange. Get blue or white. Research what they are used for if you buy used. Buying new? I would probably get the black it just seems better not to let the sun get to it. White and lighter colors will.

Food is another thing. How much food do you throw out a week? Have you ever considered what the landfill is full of? unused never to be utilized food stuffs that you could compost yourself and put on your plants. Stop buying soil. Make your own. Heck just the coffee grinds alone produce a wonderful soil compost. I do have chickens so that is my composter. But a small version for apartments are made. Look into it, its not that hard to create your own lush, rich, full of nutrient soil. Just think maybe one day we can all drive by a land fill and not get nauseous.

Ever hear of FREECYCLE? use it. It saves the planet of things that normally hit the landfill way before it is truly necessary. One mans' trash is anothers treasure. Look it up. There are some pitfalls to it but hey, when i have something i want to toss i put it up on Freecycle first, and its gone in a day or so. I never use it for finding things though that is the pit fall of it.

STOP using toxic substances. No I don't mean you gotta give up your smokes or your drink. Cleaning substances. The most basic of homes really only need two things. Vinegar. Bleach. You can also use Baking soda. Or borax. That is it. You don't need all those ridiculous extras. Really you don't. Stop buying them. What do you think those NEW handy dandy GREEN cleaning products are made of? JUST buy the basics.

Stop using pesticides. I know this one is a bit harder. AND trust me, I see the effects of it. I have spiders aplenty. But heck the spiders eat the bugs and flies. :) Yes, this is something i've considered splurging on, but I don't. I have too many animals here. Ok, so don't stop altogether but stop doing it so much.

NO VOC paints. I just paid $32 at Home depot. Only $6 more than regular household paints. It works. I love it. Its a brite white paint and it didn't smell one bit going up.

Support LOCAL. Ever been to ETSY? CLICK HERE. Everything on this site is handmade. Made local. Or made from a small startup company. Whether it be an artisan, potter, jewelery, paper and so on. I just found a tea maker. He hand makes all teas to suit your taste.

I work in advertising. And clients all know i've gone paperless. I charge double if they need comps done up. I don't print out anything when its sent to me for new projects. No need. Everything is on the computer in their file called client supplied correspondence. When I do finally have to print out? i always use up both sides. When done? I don't toss I compost. I shred and throw in the pile. I line the bird cages with it. Or i use on the weed areas i want to kill. Toss the paper down. Wet it. And leave it. If you need to post rocks around the edges so it doesn't litter the yard. easy fix. and cheap way to kill weeds.

Stick a note in your Mail box for the mail man. ASK to be taken off any direct mail list and to stop delivering those damn fliers you don't ever look at. I don't want any more paper. Its not stopped altogether, but it has cut back immensely. Then what you can do is if you ever have any flower beds that need re doing you can do what i just mentioned above. Put the paper down as a weed barrier. Then put your mulch. Though i have to say if you do use mulch try to get the kind that is from RECYCLED outdoor playstands. Yes. More expensive. But hey.

I have to say paper towels and toilet paper are the bane of my existence. I hate them and i haven't figured out a way to save on them. Especially well... the toilet paper part. :( Oh well I do have a septic so that is in some way recycling it.

Do you really need that piece of clothing that is dry clean only? I don't. I haven't dry cleaned something in 10 years. I just saw something I had to have, till it said dry clean only. :( Sad, but I passed. Stop drycleaning so much. Its ridiculous. Buy all natural materials. You're body will thank you for it.

This grouping is by no means comprehensive. As there are many other things I do that others would just go huh? I tossed the blow dryer. I don't buy/wear makeup. I make my own soaps. Drink my goats milk. I eat my own chickens.. I don't wear anything that isn't 100% cotton and so on... I do take it to the extreme some would say... But the point is I do what I feel right about doing. I think I'm making a smaller thumbprint as I go. And so can you for your comfort level. But do SOMETHING. No more excuses. No more waiting to see what susy Q next door is doing, and so on. The future is really up to you. Personally. and in your home. So what are you doing?

What have I forgotten? Tell me what you do. Better yet post about it. I challenge you to help me add to my list. Let me know and post on my comments section.


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  2. Nice post! The food waste that takes up so much space in landfills also gives off harmful gases when it begins to decompose. With a lot of the products on the market now, home composting is easy, stylish, and affordable.


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