mommy bloggers do it again.

This is the offending video motrin launched 2 weeks ago. Today? Gone off the website. WHY? mommy bloggers were insulted.

take a look at this video of mommy blogger twitter responses.

Wow... here is a weirdly poignant reason people need to take twitter seriously. Motrin did. In less than a week. And a holiday week at that the CEO wrote a note saying how sorry they were off the mark on this. And took it down. Gone. In its place is this apology.

I am on the fence on this.

Motrin (owned by Johnson & Johnson). A million dollar campaign roll out. Did they not do focus groups? I know the old way would have been to do a focus group. What happened? This campaign is out it can't be stopped so easy in print. Anything on the web is easy to pull. But not in print. Not so much in TV. Unless you see a blank :30 seconds tonight, it might be Motrin. Print is slower. Tose ads are printed and hitting newstands for the next month or two.

Gotta hand it to Motrin. By their quick reaction this could really have swelled into a terrible decrease in consumer loyalty. But, then it makes me wonder about their process of getting these ads / web ads approved. And that process is no easy feat either. Especially the larger the company, couple with the size of the agency. Its alot of work to get a new campaign approved and up and running.

What is interesting is how this might rework how WE advertisers run the campaigns in the future. Should we use the internet as the new dipstick? Put that out first, let's see if they like it. If they do? then run the print and TV to follow?

But here is the real rub the advertising sucks? Or does it it only piss off a select few? DOES the product work? Are all these mom's seriously going to stop using something that works when it comes to their childs health? something they trust? Are there so many other products out there that are the same that they can take a chance on? This isn't a bag of doritos.

Good article arguing why Motrin Reacted instead of responded. HERE.

You can read all about it here.

I'm wondering what Taxi's stance on all this is. They haven't released or put anything up on their site yet. Their agency of record.

Personally? i think its kind of scary that a few (right or wrong) can get a hold of something and because they are the loudest get action. Which of course isn't anything new. There is grease all over on this one.

But this twitter phenomenon? Is it the new barometer of what we do? Should it be? in the AdAGE blog post he has some really good points. They reacted. When they should have responded. But if they hadn't? What might have been just a few thousand twitters could have turned into tens of thousands. Or would it?

It will be interesting how this all pans out.


  1. When a corporation directs advertising at my demographic incorrectly... or in a way that targets a need they think I have that I don't, I simply don't buy their product. But I don't mean in a boycott way. If their product works and I like it and... most importantly... they have not hurt me as a consumer, I remain a happy customer.

    Some people take themselves way too seriously.

  2. i say good for the mommies. i wore my kids...and i can't remember a backache or headache i can attribute to it. and its no sacrifice to their childrens' health with all the motrin alternatives out there!

  3. Wow. What an awful ad. I didn't see it before... I definitely wore my daughter in a sling as long as I could. People are idiots.

    Thanks for sharing!!



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