ARGH!!! html...

Why? why can't we understand it..... ok not we.. ME!

i just don't see it or can't see it so i can't work it? for two hours i've been trying to git this dangged web widget to come up at the bottom of every post. NOOOOO

script src="http://w.sharethis.com/widget/?tabs=web%2Cpost%2Cemail&charset=utf-8&services=reddit%2Cdigg%2Cfacebook%2Cmyspace%2Cdelicious%2Cstumbleupon%2Ctechnorati%2Cgoogle_bmarks%2Cyahoo_bmarks%2Cyahoo_myweb%2Cwindows_live%2Cpropeller%2Cfriendfeed%2Cnewsvine%2Cxanga%2Cmixx%2Cblinklist%2Cfurl%2Cmagnolia%2Cmister_wong%2Ccurrent%2Cdiigo%2Ckirtsy%2Cyigg%2Cblogmarks&style=default&publisher=25301960-cfeb-47ec-b584-72b340d57b3d&embeds=true" type="text/javascript"/><

i can get it to widget on the right because blogger does it for you. But when they say oh just put it anywhere between here and here... i do and it doesn't work :(

html makes me feel like an absolute idjioooot

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