As The Cava-poo exits the scene. The toy enters. What toy might you be thinking? Well, a Toy, a Toy.......



And the turkeys are not too happy about this! Not at all.

whats amazing is this little dog is only 4 lbs. and will likely maz out at 7-10lbs. I'm not sure why she's here. I can't say no when someone asks me to take an animal. I likely can't/ won't keep her. But she is a cutie... Not potty trained though!

Toy Rat Terriers are a purebreed. Unlike the post on the cava-poo where they mix and match. But still i think a bit of an abomination. Wasn't the rat terrier good enough? why make it smaller? Though if she does stay maybe, just maybe i'll have a ratter? naw...

she eats about 6 little nuggets of dog food a day. HAHA! and poops out a little less. Heck it could be weeks before i see any mistake. She came with her own little bed. And toy. And food. And.... Did i mention she is probably NOT here to stay?

so what should i name her?



  1. How about "Trouble"!

    Jack Russells are notorious trouble makers! You're gonna have your hands full girly!

  2. He's so cute; my cats would have him for dinner.

    Jack Daniels
    (see if they come after you for copyright violations! Ha)

  3. i'm thinking Paris?
    or hilton? prissy sassy. joy. oh heck. the name has NOT come to me yet, i don't know if that is a good or bad sign.

    hey nice to see you here Susan.

  4. I'm a little late to the party but I would name the little dog, Rambo. I see you are in the West Palm area and if it were just about any other breed of dog, I would happily adopt it from you. I had to put my little bichon to sleep in Feb. after almost 17 years of sharing my life with him.

    I am about an hour north of you and I too seem to be found by little creatures who need a home. If I tell my husband about little Rambo here, he's gonna insist that I find out more about this little guy. He loves these little balls of energy.

  5. Well duh, I see you said it was a little girl dog. Rambo just isn't gonna work then is it? I think in this case, I would name her either Breezy or Spring.

  6. What a great name... Rambo. and Pissed off Patricia... ha. Newest name i'm calling her is Prissy.

    I think she is here to stay. she is so darn cute.

    thanks for the visit, patricia.

  7. Oh my gosh! I happened upon your blog this evening. What a precious dog!


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