Malley O'Malley- Are you my momma?

Are YOU my Momma?

You ain't my momma.

Hey you! wait up.
re you my mommaaaa?

Naaa! not you either.

Hey you! what about you guys?
Are you my momma?

Don't ask. Yet another animal you think?

well i couldn't say no. The poor little guy was homeless. another lets get a baby "something" till they get a bit bigger and realize ooh what a mess they are. (insert animal dujour here). My neighbor to the west of me, brought him over, but until i had him for a day then i wondered what the heck am i going to do with a duckling? And mess? what a messy animal. I need to find him a pal. And fast. Him living in the garage is just not going to work out.

Malley if its a girl. O'malley if its a boy. I guess it will be sometime before i figure this out. so i call him Malley O'malley...

Since my Henrietta has recently had a few new chicks, i figured she would adopt him. Not a chance.

So this past week we've been trying to figure out who his new pal would be. I can't force i can only hope. I mean i don't want him hanging around piggy and then get squished. At first he would follow the dogs around. Asking, are you my momma? Then it was the new kitten. Are you my momma? Then from the unlikliest of couplings Brewster my rooster came to his rescue. :) So now, Malley O'Malley is traipsing around the yard with the mightiest of men. My brewster.

The only problem is that at roosting time when all the flock go up at night poor malley is stuck in the mud. Alone. I have to find him. Catch him. and bring him into the garage at night.

But that is just fine. Because Brewster looks after him ALL DAY LONG. Whereever brewster goes? Malley goes too!

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