Life Cycles.... continued.

Well, Goodness Gracious Acres was blessed with 4 bucklings this year. My last one born just last week. I'm naming him ROMAN. And i'm keeping him.

The rest of Delilah's babes are moving on. Two have already went to live at Parrot Jungle in Miami. They went Easter weekend. And i hear they are a HUGE hit. What a coo! What a great placement. They get to live out their lives in luxury. and constant attentions.

The third little baby is still here, un-named as i don't want to get too attached. he is looking great! and he is moving to farm in Okeechobee soon.

That leaves me with one little one left. This Black one. Oreo's one and only baby this year. I have to keep him. He's all black, with just a little hint of white on the legs, and his cap. he will be wethered. and just be another PET... I was a bit dismayed when all i got was bucklings but in the end glad of it. Its hard work. and milking is... (well thats another post)...

So they come. and then they go. I wish i could keep them all.

here are some pictures of baby and mom. They look exactly alike. So cute!

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