The weather is wonderful right now. The air is off. The windows are open The doors are open. And well, sneaky things can happen. Since last week Oreo hasn't been feeling well. So, she is secluded from the other goats. Which mean she is loose. She has been running and following the dogs. When the dogs come in so did she. I have been allowing her in, just to monitor her injury and keep it clean more often. What i want to know is how in the world did she figure out that the bed is soft and comfy and that is where she wanted to lay down?

Twice now i've found her in there. She is feeling better and wound is better so she is now banned from the house, but darn if she doesn't think its her right to come in now. AND, she learned from the dogs how to open the screen door. She knows where the food is kept. And for awhile there it really seemed like she was a 3rd dog. The minute she pelleted the floor? the fun ended.. But, she went three days without one mistake. :)

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