IT'S TRUE!!! the older you get the faster the years pass by. OH MY GOODNESS! My mother was right. I swear i remember exactly what i wrote last year. And what i am thankful for... It hasn't changed too much. I lost Samson And my poor bebe. But i gained Bob and Tom. Nobel came on board And we almost lost piggy. But he's doing great!.... All in all things are pretty good. Here is my last years thanks

This year is going to be specially fun. I get to stay home AND have a turkey ahem roast beef feast. (don't want to upset Bob and Tom). Mom is coming over, with my brother and his girlfriend. And they're bringing all the food. All i had to do was clean. And get the refreshments.And at 9:08 pm the night before i am all done. WOW! that is a first.

I just have to show up tomorrow. I mean roll out of bed. :) NOW that is a cool Thanksgiving. I can't cook. Never tried. Why should i when i had a mother that was Betty Crocker.. :)

And even better thee house is clean. the fire pit is ready and i've got loads of chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers. NOW all we need is some cold weather. I even have some firewood from last year!

Have a happy, fulfilling, quiet, safe, fun THANKSGIVING!
And if you're traveling? bummer i hear the airports are a nightmare. But be safe!

And do as Tom says! EAT FISH!


  1. no fair girl! i cooked for 3 days and you get off with marshmellows, chocolate and graham crackers! geesh! some people's children! LOL

    seriously, i hope your day was packed with blessings and good food and the coming year has more of the same!

    ((((((((big hugs))))))))

  2. Jojo15-
    I was reading on horseadvice.com and had to respond to your questions as I did not think the vet did a very good job. I have a morgan mare that took me 2 years to get diagnosed. I found she is Cushings with EMS. They go hand in hand it seems. Being an old vet tech i had some medical understanding. Cushings causes a release of Cortisol which is antagonistic to insulin (causes an insulin resistance) Which in turns causes a pseudo type 2 diabetes in the horse. Very difficult to treat. Couple this with the genetically engineered hay that is producing too much sugar (thought to help the cows produce more milk) but it started to cause hoof problems in the cow similar to the problems they are now seeing in the western quarter horse. Do try Chaste Berry - the best is the liquid form sold by Emerald Valley. It helps with the Cortisol secretion. Also do not feed any sugar type feeds including beet pulp. You may want to try Safe Choice or there is another one can't think of it now but it is high in fat - The feed cannot even contain traces of molasses. I swear if you cut out all forms of sugar and add exercise you will help the horse. I also use pergolide because my mare was undiagnosed for 12 years (i have only owned her for 6) and it destroyed her immune system. The runny eye could be due to a low grade fungal infection of the sinuses which my mare also suffered from - she also got little scabs which was fungus even though the vet could not culture it. but iodine was the only thing that would kill it so i knew it was fungus. If you cut the beet pulp and add the chaste berry it will take about a week before you see an improvement. Good luck it is difficult to treat and find anyone familiar with this syndrome.
    Pat Dickinson, Franklin, NH

  3. HI pat,
    Thanks so much for the information. Yes, i have heard and did use chasteberry before. I have to go back on HA and look at what post i was responding to> its been awhile. And my mare is doing pretty good. Feet are excellent my trimmer said last time. And she is down in her weight. So i'm not too worried at the moment but i know all that could change.

    Thanks again for the information.


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