midnight menagerie

A friend coined that term. As i was explaining to him that late at night, in the middle of darkness i get all the animals out of bed and well, we roam around. The mini always runs off on her own. The goats of course, stick to me like glue. Even at times iggy will wake from his slumber and join us. Brandy will come too if in the mood. And always at my sides are the mutts. Of course, a glass of wine in my hands. and we just goof off. Its the perfect time of the evening. No lawn mowers. No neighbors kids. No lights. Nothing. Just the sounds of the critters. Mine and others. Its perfect.

So is that name. I'm going to name my "herd" that. Since getting Noble my buckling we will be having little ones running around. And if i show i need a farm name. I know, i know, an acre does not make a farm. But no one has to know that part. ha!

So either midnight menagerie. OR Moonlight menagerie... i can't decide. Though i was told by another good friend to keep your farm name short so you can get creative with the goatie names. Hmmmm. there is a limit to how many letters the application for registry allow. I think she said 36... not sure. but still that leaves me with 18...

I like it. midnight menagerie's willow blossom. for instance! LOL... oooh pretty cool name off the cuff. That might be the first of my line...4 months to go before Noble can reach the girls to do his thang...

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  1. I have nubians and for that registry you are allowed 30 letters AND spaces for your name, including your herd name.

    If you have a short herd name then you will have the option for long 'goat' names.

    IF you have a long herd name then you get to have short 'goat' names.

    Noble sure is a cutey and don't be fooled. Goats can breed at 2 months of age. Where there's a will, there's a way. Little tiny bucklings will breed a full size doe if she lets him.

    We always seperate our boys out at 2 months. That way we have no baby does having babies or adult does having babies by a little buck...

    Good luck with him. :)


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