nice lil alligator, be a good boy and leave

this is gator....

This is gator in reference to the pond....

This is gator in reference to the pond and to my fence.......

and this is NOT gator food.....

Nor this.....

For the past 3 years i've become enthralled with gators. Not because I have this insurmountable love for them. But because I've been thrust into the semi rural wilderness, and trying to coexist with them. And they are fascinating. Its the aspect of impending danger, i guess. Or the fact that I have something in my yard most people just don't.

They are everywhere. In my canal. In my neighbors pond. They come. They go. They are interesting to watch. I find them quiet and respectful. They have always left me alone. So i too will leave them alone. Most don't stay. They don't like the noise, vibrations. They stay for a bit then mosey on.

I am a bit nervous to find out this particular one has set up housekeeping in the neighbors pond. He's been there for about 8 months. I'm pretty sure its the same one. Its hard to show him off. When he hears people coming he disappears. I can see him break the water, and then just disappear. Doesn't come up again till the coast is clear.

Well, today was a turning point. One I don't like too much. HE saw me coming. And he didn't move. clap my hand. stomp my foot. Nothing. hmmm. I toss a rock in his direction. Finally moved. I'm not sure if I should have done that. But, find it disconcerting that he is now NOT afraid of me. Our peaceful coexistence was based on the fact that he disappears when he sees movement. Or doesn't act like he is waiting for breakfast. And i know he can't help it.

My horse has taken note of him too lately. I don't see her lounging in that paddock anymore. This morning at feeding I kept watching her glance at the gator. and munch some more. Glancing every so often. She is not an unsavvy horse. We have been up against them a dozen times in the parks. Breeding gator mounds. Gators in the marshes. etc. SHe smells them before she sees them. I'm not sure what she is thinking. But notice that paddock is not her favorite spot anymore.

The pictures up here are, of course, to prove I'm not nuts, there is a gator living in the neighbors pond. And also to show proximity to my goat pen. And the shed. I mean he is literally 50 ft from me at various times. He normally suns himself on the far side of the pond. Yesterday, I found him on my side closer to the house. Another truce breaker. is he getting hungry? more brazen? just doing his thing? Too bad i can't explain my stance to him. You stay over there. And life will be just fine. If you come any closer, I'm calling in the big boys. I would like him to stay. But on my terms. Sooner or later, gator catchers will need to be called.

Not sure what I'm going to do next. If anything. Its a wait and see approach. My pug and chickens are really the only thing at this time, the gator could successfully eat. I think. But that is moot. If he goes after one. Than that truce has been broken. And I don't want it to get to that point.

Once he finds a food source here, its a problem. and what about when he gets larger? My neighbors neighbor has a 2 year old. No fence around the property on either side. And my other neighbor has a roaming 8 year old. Who is always fishing in that canal. I shudder to think. BUt if they don't see it as a problem, its not my kid. I've told them. Told the neighbor. Told all the neighbors with roaming dogs. I can only inform. But the minute he eats one of them. All hell will break loose. But at least i've gotten the goat pen more secure. which is my only serious concern. The goats now cannot get their heads thru the fence. Its that thick hog fencing that is 2x2 inch squares. and needs a true bolt cutter to cut it. I hope thats enough to stop a gator on the prowl.

Overall, he is mostly a conversation starter. Hey, did you know i have a gator? Or come see my gator? Its not everyday, someone can say that. you know?

So, Here is my lil ole gator. ain't he cute?

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