Ivermectin, dogs, overdose information

Still looking up stuff on wormers. And learning.... here is some info i found on the merck site for ivomec, and how confusing this all can be.

6.0mcg of ivermectin per kilogram (2.72mcg/lb) of body weight
heartguard comes in three sizes

Ivomec pouron for cattle
500mcg of ivermectin per kilogram

Ivomec injectible 1%solution for cattle

Now look at those numbers and figure out the conversions.... for the weightt of dog
and the amount that should be given for that dog.

based on the heartguard my dog should get 206mcg for his body weight.

but not if you use the ivomec injectible

34.47kg = 76 lbs

50x34.47=1723.5mcg for a 34kg dog

1mcg=1.0x10ª kilograms (a=9)



i'm already confused...aren't you?

from what i am learning my dog was fine at the smaller doses in heartguard, and not fine at larger doses. Here is a wikipedia quote, "Some dog breeds, most notably the collie, exhibit signs of ivermectin related central nervous system toxicity at ivermectin doses exceeding 150 to 200 µg/kg"...

and this is exactly what i think happened to my guy but, he is a shepard type mix. The wikipedia link is below.

ivermectin toxicosis sheet info

wikipedia info on ivermectin

vetinfo on ivermectin

The information below or the blog dated December 25 is pretty long and drawn out. important numbers and information to other links are at the bottom of that dates posting.

I hope this helps others out there looking for answers. Bottom line, do your own math. And make sure your dog, found/stray/mutt is NOT a collie mix.

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