Do you let nature take its course?

I would normally say yes.. i don't think intervention is as good as mother nature. But for some reason my dogs keep finding bunny nests. All around the property. And these little cottontails aren't all that smart. This one made its nest in an old manure pile. Its not even under any brush, or in the base of a tree. Just in the middle of nowhere. And its not that deep. Approximately 3 inches by 4 inches. So, i intervened. Oliver my pit mix. found one. I found him holding it gingerly in his mouth. When i yelled to drop it, HE did!

These bunnies are about ten days old. But they are getting bigger and soon will start to roam away from the nest periodically. I just don't know what to do about that! Mother bunny will always come back to its nest and feed as long as there is nothing wrong with her. The top of the dog kennel was put there a week ago. I think my horse might have killed one of the bunnies by mistake. So now there are only two left. At first i moved it at night thinking momma wouldn't go near the kennel. But that was getting tedious, so now i have left it and she is still coming. I've yet to see her though. They say momma will only feed once a day. and that is usually between midnight and 4 am. So she comes thru the fence. Thru the doggie panels, and into the kennel to feed her babies. What is she thinking? Mother nature at its best, i guess. With a little help from me.

This is the 3rd bunny nest i have intervened with. I just saw one of my last interventions hopping about in the acreage across the street. I knew it was him from the hair growth not growing properly since (again) my dog had found the nest and wasn't as careful with this one. The bunny's fur displaced from its scalp. He seems healthy and happy, so no harm done.

So what do you do? let them alone? intervene? Luckily i don't have to do any kind of feeding. I heard the statistics on that is dismal. i enjoy helping out, but i really wish they would get a clue and move them into safer places. Or then again, maybe they know i will help out...

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